There was a second BLM protest in Miami Springs.  The most recent protest was held on Saturday as a march through Miami Springs streets.  The group of protesters were able to march down Westward Drive and Curtiss Parkway with a full police escort and road closures for the march.

The group gathered in front of the Baptist Church in Miami Springs.

Miami Springs Police were prepared and ready should the event get out of hand for any reason.

Fortunately, it was mostly a crowd of locals including families and kids.

Police were stationed throughout Westward Drive and Curtiss Parkway to ensure the safety of the protesters and ensure traffic was redirected accordingly.

The parade started shortly after 10:30 am Saturday and concluded at Curtiss Parkway and Deer Run.

Marchers brought a variety of signs including “Black Lives Matter”, “Say their names”, “Silence is violence”, and “Police the Police.”  The group was also yelling various chants throughout the walk.  They included:

  • “Black lives matter”
  • “Say his name!…George Floyd”
  • “No justice…No peace.”

Fortunately, the crowd was mostly local and family friendly.  We counted over 50 people in the photos below.

This is how people are supposed to protest.  Not the mob destroying looters we saw in downtown Miami a few weeks ago.  Nor the wild mobs that looted Manhattan.

And fortunately, we live in the greatest country in the world.  A country where you can criticize the government with a police escort leading the way.

We want to thank everyone who came to the march for being an example of how to express your 1st amendment rights peacefully.  The crowd was well behaved with the majority of participants wearing masks for everyone’s safety.

We also want to thank the Miami Springs Chief of Police, Armando Guzman, and the entire Miami Springs Police Department for their preparedness ensuring the safety of the marchers and the safety of our community.  Well done.


Watch the livestream video we recorded of the protest march last Saturday.



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