The City of Miami Springs is approaching its 100 year anniversary.  In preparation for the Centennial, the City of Miami Springs established a Centennial Committee.  The committee has been working hard to establish events and festivities the entire community can enjoy.

Recently, the Centennial Committe released its new logo:

Miami Springs Centennial Logo - 1926 - 2026
Miami Springs Centennial Logo – 1926 – 2026

You’ll notice in the center of the logo is a yellow biplane.  To be clear, that’s not just some random stock image.  That’s a Curtiss Jenny, one of Glenn Curtiss’ most widely used airplanes.

As you may know, the City of Miami Springs was founded by Glenn Curtiss, the father of Naval Aviation.

Glenn Curtiss – A Look Back at the Elon Musk and Steve Jobs of the Early 1900s

We love the Centennial logo and truly appreciate the hard work by the volunteer group at the Centennial Committee.  They’re off to a great start and can’t wait to see what they have planned for the city’s triumphant 100 year celebration.



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