When you think of Cinco de Mayo there was one place in all of Miami that dominated the party back in the ’80s and ’90s.  Of course, we’re talking about Cisco’s Cafe.  Cisco’s was an absolute blast.  A great ambiance.  Wonderful interior design.  A fun staff.  And the food was great.

Entrance to Cisco's Cafe in Virginia Gardens near Miami International Airport
Entrance to Cisco’s Cafe in Virginia Gardens near Miami International Airport

But for Cinco de Mayo, the party evolved to include radio remotes, outdoor tents, live DJ’s, lots of drinks, and lots of dancing.  The event became so popular that cars were parked all along perimeter road with people crossing NW 36th Street to get to the epic once a year event.

97 GTR "Gator" with a LIVE remote at Cisco's Cafe
97 GTR “Gator” with a LIVE remote at Cisco’s Cafe
Cisco's Cafe Getting Ready for a Party
Cisco’s Cafe Getting Ready for a Party

Being a single guy in his 20s at the time, I can tell you Cinco de Mayo at Cisco’s Cafe during the ’90s was a can’t miss event where you’d run into old friends you hadn’t seen in a long time and make some new friends, too.

Cisco's Cafe in Virginia Gardens
Cisco’s Cafe in Virginia Gardens


Now, while many of miss the nostalgia associated with Cisco’s Cafe, the tradition still continues throughout Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens.  Let’s start in Virginia Gardens.  The new restaurant, “The Better Taco” located at 3948 Curtiss Parkway is hosting a Grand Opening Event and Cinco de Mayo Party tomorrow.   They are offering FREE Food & Beer from 4pm – 7pm.


Wait.  What?  Free Food & Beer?  Y’all better get there early.  That’s not going to last long.

The Better Taco Cinco de Mayo Grand Opening


For those of us who are nostalgic about Cisco’s, we always associated Cisco with fun.  Well if there’s one place that has encapsulated fun in everything they do, it’s the folks at Woody’s Backyard Grill.  It’s a laid back kind of place where you can stop by after work wearing a tie or you can come in flip flops.  It’s a Key West beach vibe with indoor and outdoor patio seating and lots of entertainment all week long.  Well, you know they couldn’t let Cinco de Mayo go by without turning it into a party.

The Official Cinco de Mayo Party at Woody’s starts at 7:30pm and runs till 11pm.  They have $5 Corona Pints, $5 Patron Silver Shots, $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus they have Taco Specials All Day Long!  Arriba!


Want to have a more intimate Cinco de Mayo experience?  Stop by ATACO by Divino.  Doors open at 5pm and the food is absolutely glorious.  ATACO doesn’t make “regular” tacos.  They blend a fusion of flavors with Mexican and Peruvian inspired flavors.  What does that mean?  It means your tastebuds will love the incredibly flavorful tacos you’ll only find at ATACO.  Folks, this is mouthwatering delicious stuff with a friendly wait staff in a calm and relaxing environment.

ATACO by Divino


Alright, this is an older photo of Jeff working at the original Burritoville location before he was forced to move thanks to the new downtown development.  Nevertheless, you know Jeff and his team are going to be busy on Cinco de Mayo making sure everyone has a cold drink and a delicious burrito or taco.


Folks as you can see, the Cinco de Mayo tradition continues to be strong in Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens.  While many of us miss Cisco’s, it’s time to make new memories at some of the amazing options we have in our community.

If you’re really adventurous, you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo and have a drink at all 4 locations!  If you start at 4pm at The Better Taco, then 5pm at ATACO by Divino, then head to Woody’s and Burritoville.  You can get ’em all done by 11pm and have an epic night under your belt.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Of course, the folks at Concepcion Law don’t recommend you drive if you attempt this challenge.  Use Uber or select a designated driver.  God forbid you get hurt in an accident, the folks at Concepcion Law can help you recover damages.

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