We want to share the big thank you from everyone doing their part to support the Jagessar family during this difficult time.  As you probably know by now, Vilma Jagessar is a young mom with 3 children ages 12, 10, and 7 years old that is fighting stage 4 colon cancer.  Vilma is also a school teacher and a member of the Springview Elementary family.

Jagessar Family
Jagessar Family:  Vilma Jagessar with her husband and three children.

The community has held various events including a garage sale and recently the Flamingo Flocking in support of Vilma.  The Flock of Support for Vilma has sold out.  As inge Lange posted online:   “THANK YOU to our amazing community for participating and supporting our dear friends/neighbors Vilma and her family. IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED “


While the flocking of flamingo spots have sold out, you can still donate to the Jagessar family.  To donate to the Jagessar family, please visit their GoFundMe Page or donate below.  If you can’t donate, then please share this with others who may be able to help.

And please pray for Vilma, her husband, and her 3 beautiful children.  May the Lord watch over this beautiful family.


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