The Miami Springs City Council was presented an option for a $155,000 outdoor fitness facility along Curtiss Parkway.  And while everyone supported the idea of adding additional fitness facilities to the City, there was concern that this concept would not fit the look of Curtiss Parkway.  Councilman Walter Fajet felt this looked “too urban” and didn’t fit the green landscape of Curtiss Parkway.

$155,000 Outdoor Fitness Court
$155,000 Outdoor Fitness Court

Outdoor Fitness Court Details:

  • 38 feet by 38 feet square area
  • 7 workout stations
  • Rubberized floor tiles
  • 38′ wide wall
  • Price after discount:  $155,000

Below is an example of an outdoor court that was installed in Tamarac, Florida with an additional roof coverage.

Parks and Rec Director, Omar Luna, said that this could be used to replace the gym stations at Stafford Park.

City Manager William Alonso suggested using the wall to advertise sponsors to help pay for this.

Walter Fajet said “I don’t want to see sponsorship along that wall.”

Mayor Mitchell was bullish and thought this was something exciting to add to our city.


We think this is a great item for the wrong place.  This would look great at Stafford.  It would look great at Peavey Dove Field.  It would look horrible and out of place on Curtiss Parkway.  Curtiss Parkway is a beautiful green space and we need to protect that greenery.

We agree with Walter Fajet that this looks too urban and doesn’t fit with the look of Curtiss Parkway.

What do we actually get for $155,000?
  • Pull up bars
  • Parallel bars
  • Multi-Height Boxes
  • Rubber Floor
  • Ugly Wall

Issue 1:  Is this a good value?  Call me skeptical, but all I see are pull up bars, boxes, and some parallel bars.  It seems like a lot of money for this.

Issue 2: Bad fit for location.  This doesn’t fit or look right at this location.  This would look better on Stafford or Peavey Dove Field or the Tennis Center if we move the Tennis Center to the Country Club.

Issue 3:  Congregation.  This is going to create congregation at one spot of Curtiss Parkway instead of having stations spread along Curtiss from the Parking lot to Deer Run (similar to the layout on Stafford Park.)

Issue 4:  Only one option?  I also hate / despise and find it irresponsible for the city to only show one presentation.  Like there aren’t a million other options and configurations.  This may be the best thing since sliced bread (I don’t think it is) but by presenting multiple choices (aka shopping around) we tend to get better solutions for the city.  Can we get some other options?

Issue 5:  Sponsor wall.  The idea of having a permanent sponsor wall like a NASCAR wall is disgusting and not with the character of our beautiful golf course and green pathway.

Issue 6:  It’s ugly.  There’s no way of sugar coating it.  This thing is very ugly and out of place on Curtiss Parkway.  It’s not out of place on Stafford, Peavey Dove, or the Tennis Center if the Tennis Center moves to the Golf Course. It is completely out of place on Curtiss Parkway.  Unless you surround it with shrubbery and greenery.

Issue 7:  Rubber Flooring.  This is expensive flooring that will need to be repaired / replaced over time.  I’d rather save the money for expensive rubber flooring and keeping more natural grass on Curtiss Parkway.

Alternative 1:
Add to Peavey Dove or Stafford Park

Sunset over the clay pits / sludge lagoon in Miami Springs

Add the above proposed outdoor fitness court feature to Peavey Dove Field or Stafford Park.  Keep Curtiss Parkway green and beautiful.  The Parks and Rec Director implied this would replace the features on Stafford.  If that’s the case, then place this at Stafford.  That said, Stafford has far more than just 7 workout stations that this outdoor fitness court purportedly has.

Alternative 2:
Spread Stations Across Curtiss Parkway

Think of Stafford Park.  There are various workout stations that have been there for over 30 years.  They’ve lasted the test of time.  They are not all congregated at one spot and spread throughout the course.  They City of Miami Springs could install a variety of modern workout stations along the Curtiss Parkway pathway that would reduce the eye sore and prevent congregation at one location.

These are a few examples from of workout stations that could be easily installed along Curtiss Parkway without taking away from the beauty of Curtiss Parkway.

As you can see in these photos, these workout stations are spread along a walking path without taking away from the community’s natural beauty.

Here are some other options, but again.  There are endless combinations and station types.

What do you think?

Should we add fitness stations to Curtiss Parkway?

If so, do you prefer the concentrated fitness court concept or the more spread apart fitness stations?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below or via social media.


  1. Miami Springs already has exercise equipment at the Rec and Senior Centers. Spend that $155,000 for a yoga teacher and let the many that benefited from it and yearn for it have classes again. There is no substitute for yoga. It is one of the most rewarding things one can do for mind, body and spirit. Trust me, classes would overflow with all of us who miss it so much.

  2. I agree that Curtiss is the wrong place for this. I also hate the idea of the rubber flooring. Rubber off-gasses – it not only smells bad but could also be a carcinogen. Not where i’d want to work out, for sure. This should be at one of out parks. Peavy Dove would be great.

  3. I agree with upgrading what it at Stafford Park…or installing a whole new structure at Stafford. Leave the pretty green space alone along Curtis Parkway!

  4. Good morning, I was reading about the fitness areas the City is trying to get funds for and find a location. I have lived in the community and have used the fields and gym probably more than most of the citizens in this community I would say the best place for the fitness area would be Stafford Park. Let’s keep Curtiss Parkway beautiful and peaceful. What we do need is places where are kids can play outdoors. Give kids access to local outdoor courts like we used to do in the 70 and 80’s. Now all the courts or either locked up or no one allowed to use. Let’s get our kids off cell phones and get them to play sports or keep them active.

  5. I think it is an awful idea to add the proposed ugly structure on beautiful Curtiss Parkway!!! I agree with upgrading what is currently at Stafford Park. I also agree that there must be more attractive option!!

  6. There use to be an old work out station behind the Curtiss Mansion near the tennis courts. Stafford park also has work out stations wouldn’t it be nice to upgrade them.


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