The total cases continue to increase, but the curve is showing improvements.┬á As you can see in the chart below (produced by the Florida Department of Health) the number of new cases has plateaued.┬á It doesn’t mean the crisis is over.┬á Of course, we’re hoping this may be the peak.┬á Only time will tell.

As you can see above, the State of Florida has over 15,000 cases with nearly 2,000 hospitalizations and 309 fatalities.  Our statewide hospitalization rate is at 13%.  Our statewide fatality rate is 2.0%.


Total Cases: 5,354
 Residents: 5,306
 Residents Not in Florida: 1
 Non-Residents: 47

 Demographics of Cases
Age Range: 0 to 103
Average age: 

Men: 2,813
Women: 2,470

 Conditions and Care
Deaths: 49
Hospitalizations*:  338

Fatality Rate: 0.9%
Hospitalization Rate*:  6.3%

NOTE:┬á According to the Florida Department of Health *ÔÇťHospitalizationsÔÇŁ is a count of all laboratory confirmed cases in which an inpatient hospitalization occurred at any time during the course of illness. These people may no longer be hospitalized.


You Miami-Dade County Youth Fairgrounds is now home to a new COVID-19 Testing Center.  Testing is by appointment only.  Call 305.499.8767.  The testing center is open to adults that display symptoms of COVID-19.


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