The count of cases within our zip code (33166) has grown to 272.  Unfortunately, that number includes 119 residents of Fair Havens.  All surviving residents of Fair Havens have been transferred out to local hospitals.  Fair Havens is no longer taking new admissions after the State of Florida shut down new admissions at the facility.  The State of Florida also shows that 22 Fair Havens residents have died from the Coronavirus.  That ranks Fair Havens as the long term care facility with the highest number of COVID-19 fatalities in South Florida and the second highest number of fatalities within the State of Florida.

As we’ve repeated before, Miami Springs represents about 55% of the population within zip code 33166.  If Miami Springs were to have 55% of the COVID-19 cases within our zip, it would be reasonable to estimate about 150 cases within our City.  That would mean we would have about 31 cases outside of Fair Havens.  We may have more.  We may have less.


Miami-Dade has had nearly 16,000 total confirmed cases of the Coronavirus or 34% of Florida’s total cases.  The hospitalization rate is at 15% with 2,400 cases.  Miami-Dade has lost 561 people to the Coronavirus.

Below is a chart showing the fatality rate by age in Miami-Dade County.  As you can see, the mortality rate is non-existent among people under 25 years of age.  The risk remains extremely low all the way up to 44 year olds.  Over 45 through 65 you still have a relatively low risk.  It’s those over 65 years of age where the fatality rate starts to get really scary.



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