The number of new cases of COVID-19 continues to come down.  Locally, our zip code only had 57 new cases in the last week.  That’s down from a high of 238 new cases in early July.  This is a great sign the worst may be behind us, but only time will tell.

Our zip code has over 1600 total confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  We estimate Miami Springs has approximately 885 total confirmed cases.  That would mean about 6% of the Miami Springs population has been confirmed to have contracted the disease.


The number of new cases in Miami-Dade continues to come down.  The Florida Department of Health data is indicating just 5,907 new cases in the last week.  That’s down significantly from the July high of over 20,000 new cases per week.


New hospitalizations have also come down with just 270 new hospitalizations in Miami-Dade County last week.  That’s down from a high of 673 new weekly hospitalizations.


Miami-Dade County lost 181 souls last week to the virus according to Florida Department of Health data.  That is still a very high number but down from the peak of 295 fatalities per week.

One more important note on fatalities.  The fatality rate continues to be relatively low in Miami-Dade County at just 1.5%.  That’s a 98.5% survival rate.  Of course, we know the fatality rate is more severe for the elderly.  And we know the fatality rate is much lower for younger people.  We want to reiterate how important it is to protect the elderly from exposure to COVID-19.


The number of new Coronavirus cases in Florida dropped last week to 24,181 new cases. It’s an incredibly high number, but way down from the peak in July of 83,000 new cases.  We hope to see this trend continue to come down.

In Florida, we lost 824 people to the virus in the last 7 days.  Fortunately, the number of new deaths is coming down statewide.

The statewide fatality rate currently stands at 1.7%.  That’s a 98.3% survival rate.

As always, we ask you to stay safe and keep those you love safe by washing your hands regularly.  Wear a mask while out in public.  And practice social distancing.

God bless you all.  We’re praying the worst is behind us as we slowly adapt to a new normal.



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