It takes some time to get public records, but we finally got some of the official data from both the City of Miami Springs and the City of Hialeah.



Looking at the document from the City of Miami Springs, they received the following calls each night:

Thursday Night (12/2 – 12/3)

The first call came in at about 9:34pm from Minola Drive.  Two minutes later there was a call from Curtiss Parkway.  After 10pm, we had a call from Westward Drive.   The final call came in at 3:11 am from Miller Drive.  That’s 121 calls from the first night.

Friday Night (12/3 – 12/4)

The first call came was logged at 5:17pm.  (I’m not sure if that’s a typo.)  The next call came in at 11:13pm.  The final call came in at 7:58 am from Wren Avenue.  I don’t believe the music was still going at during this time, but it is likely someone waking up with lack of sleep and complaining.  Overall, the second night had 17 complaints.

Saturday Night (12/4 – 12/5)

The first call came was logged at 9:17pm from Hunting Lodge.  Simultaneously, another call came in from Curtiss Parkway.  Throughout the night there were calls from across the community including the Bird Section and the west end of town.  There was 3 calls after 4am and once at 7:18am (probably after a rough night).  In total there were 90 noise complaints on Saturday night.

Sunday Night (12/5 – 12/6)

The first call came was logged at 9:17pm from Minola.  Three minutes later calls were coming in from Pinecrest Drive. Calls came from as far west as Hammond Drive.  The final call came in at 1:31am.  The number of calls to MSPD dropped on Sunday night to 14 noise complaints.  Albeit, Springs residents probably wisened up and stopped wasting time with MSPD and started calling Hialeah Police.

Miami Springs Total:  (12/2 – 12/6)

Overall, Miami Springs Police received 242 noise complaint calls regarding the noise from Factory Town.


Hileah Police HeadquartersIn speaking with the City of Hialeah, they admit there were noise complaints prior to Saturday night but had not categorized them to Factory town until Sunday night.  So the only information the City of Hialeah shared were the noise complaints from Sunday night into Monday morning. The City of Hialeah also does not show a time stamp on their records, so it’s not clear when the calls started and ended.  However, the City of Hialeah did document 92 noise complaints from Sunday, December 5th to Monday, December 6th associated with Factory Town.

Hialeah Entrance

Since the City of Hialeah did not share the noise complaints for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we can only estimate the number of complaints.  We first thought of assuming a similar number of calls each day, but we’ll be gracious and reduce the number by 30%.  That would mean Hialeah PD would have received about 60 noise complaints each night of the Concert with the exception of Sunday which we know had 92 complaints.  That would put Hialeah’s total conservatively at 272 noise complaints.  If they complaints were similar each night, they would have received more like 368 total complaints.  Without more assistance from Hialeah PD, it’ll be tough to figure it out, but we feel comfortable in saying that Hialeah PD received hundreds of complaints from the concert during the 4 day period.


Miami Springs had 242 noise complaints.  We’re estimating Hialeah had somewhere in the vicinity of 272 to 368 total noise complaints.  Possibly even more.  So a total would come in between 514 noise complaints to 610 noise complaints.  Again, it could be even higher, but we’re trying to stay conservative with the estimates.


Below are the logged PDF complaints from each Police Department regarding Factory Town:


Below is the Permit and the corresponding application permit.  What we don’t see here is the noise abatement plan.  Take a look for yourself.

City of Miami Springs Responds

As we reported last week, the City of Miami Springs has sent a nuisance letter to the interested parties from Factory Town.  Maria Mitchell also had a meeting with Hialeah Mayor Bovo in attempts to come up with a solution that works for everyone involved.  Nevertheless, the City of Miami Springs is prepping for legal action should an amicable solution not arrive.

City Sends Nuisance Letter to Factory Town…Prepares for Legal Action

We’ll keep you posted.



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