According to The Miami Herald, the Fair Havens nursing home located on Curtiss Parkway in what was formerly the Country Club Hotel, was fined $67,000 by the State of Florida.  As you know, there were 52 seniors who died at Fair Havens after contracting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) this year.  At one point, Fair Havens led the State of Florida with the highest number of deaths at a nursing home statewide.  As of this morning, Fair Havens ranks as having the 2nd highest COVID-19 death toll in the state.

Fair Havens CoronavirusAccording to The Herald, Fair Havens has to pay a $45,000 fine “failing to follow CDC guidelines relating to COVID-19 infections.”  It also reports that Fair Havens failed to quarantine 11 elderly residents exposed to COVID.

Fair Havens Coronavirus

Breakdown of Fair Havens fines by the State of Florida:

  • $45,000 for “failing to follow CDC guidelines relating to COVID-19 infections”
  • $6,000 fee for a 6 month survey
  • $16,000 fine for “do-not-resuscitate infraction”
  • $67,000 total fines in connection with 52 deaths at the facility

Fair Havens

Open for Business

Despite the 52 lives lost and fines and despite being added to the State of Florida’s “troubled nursing home” watch list, the Fair Havens license has NOT been revoked.  As Miami Springs residents know, Fair Havens has continued operating.  However, earlier this year it was suspended from accepting new patients.

Fair Havens

Troubled Past

As we reported in the summer of 2019, the prior owner of Fair Havens, Philip Esformes, was convicted in what was called “the largest healthcare fraud scheme ever charged by the Justice Department, involving over $1.3 billion in fraudulent claims to Medicare and Medicaid…”  Click the link below to read that full report.

Fair Havens Owner Convicted, Forfeits Property

Historic Property

Fair Havens is one of the landmark properties in Miami Springs built by the legendary Glenn Curtiss.  The property was originally built as a Hotel.  However, after the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926 and the ensuing Great Depressions, the Hotel was handed over the Dr. John Harvey Kellog (yes, the cereal magnate) who turned it into a sanitarium.

Fact: Fair Havens is NOT on the Federal Register of Historical Places

Sold for $29 Million

After the conviction of Philip Esformes, the Fair Havens property was sold for $29 million.  See that report below.

Fair Havens Sells for $29 Million



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