Covid-19 has had events cancelled, gatherings postponed and major life moments have been forced online.  But, Girl Scout Troop # 564 has a message of reassurance for worried children around the world! Despite everything going on, Christmas will not be cancelled.
Santa wants everyone to remember, “one of the most important wonderful aspects of Christmas is spending time together”. He would love to see families drinking hot cocoa, singing songs, watching movies and baking cookies.

Did I mention that Santa loves cookies? He would really love to some fresh warm cookies waiting for him when he passes by on Christmas to drop off your presents.

Girl Scout Troop # 564 will be making it easy for you this year by selling “Cookies for Santa” gift baskets. For only $25 you will get a basket with goodies like cookie mix, cookie cutters, a plate to put Santa cookies on and some other goodies.

Order today. Quantities are limited! All baskets will be delivered on Saturday, December 19th by Santa’s Girl Scout helpers. Free delivery to Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens residents only!

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