We had the pleasure of sitting down with Aldo Saavedra of Firenze Group Mortgage based right here in Miami Springs.  Mr. Saavedra has nearly 30 years of working in the mortgage industry.  Aldo shares some tips and tricks to lower your monthly payment and get the lowest possible mortgage rates.

Obviously, prices have gone way up in Miami Springs and throughout South Florida.  Lowering your monthly payment makes a big difference in determining what kind of home you can buy.

Furthermore, Saavedra discusses cash out options for residents who all of a sudden see themselves enjoying a record level of equity in their home.

Watch the full interview below:

Firenze Mortgage Group

Firenze Mortgage Group is a boutique mortgage company that connects home buyers and home owners with the best possible mortgage product based on the needs of the individual.  Unlike a bank, they are not here to push a specific type of loan.  They are here to service the customer with the lowest rate and/or the best terms based on the needs of the individual…not the needs of the bank.

Firenze Mortgage Group is headquartered in Miami Springs with their principal office at 299 Park Street.  That’s directly across from the Miami Springs Police Station.  You can call the Firenze Mortgage Group at 305.882.0933 or visit their website at www.FirenzeGroupMortgage.com.



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