Inflation is here.  We’re not going to get into all the various forces causing prices to go up.  Whether it’s the government pumping billions of dollars into the economy, or chip shortages, or labor shortages.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter.  At the end of the day, everyone is paying more right now for lots of things.

Anyone buying a new car has realized, there are no new cars on dealer lots.  You have to either reserve an incoming car or place an order for a new car.  And used car prices have gone through the roof as new cars can take weeks or months to get.

Alright, but that has nothing to do with gas prices.  So, who’s got the lowest prices for gas nearby?

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Well, a quick drive by the Sunoco in Miami Springs shows that they have regular 87 octane fuel for $3.299 per gallon.  (You can round that to $3.30.)

The Westar Gas station on the Circle was also at $3.299 in Miami Springs today.

Across the bridge, we found the Tom Thumb had regular 87 octane fuel for $3.199 per gallon.

However, the lowest nearby price was found over at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Hialeah Gardens.  It was at $3.159 or 14 cents per gallon lower than the prices we saw in Miami Springs.

Of course, this only makes sense if you’re a member and are shopping or at least in the area.  Nevertheless, the low prices attracted big lines as drivers looked for ways to avoid paying more for fuel.

Where are you buying gas?  Have you found cheaper fuel?  Let us know in the comments section or via social media.

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