The flooding in Fort Lauderdale last week disrupted the distribution of fuel from Port Everglades to gas stations across South Florida.  As a result, many gas stations throughout South Florida were found with empty pumps.  In Miami Springs, most of the gas stations were completely empty yesterday.

Westar Gas Station out of Gas
Westar Gas Station out of Gas

We drove around Miami Springs and couldn’t find any gas locally.

Chevron Gas Station out of Gas
Chevron Gas Station out of Gas

However, tankers are working overtime to fill up stations.  Residents have been sharing tips on which gas stations open up on the Miami Springs Community Group on Facebook.

Sunoco Gas Station out of Gas
Sunoco Gas Station out of Gas

Furthermore, we found the GasBuddy website helpful in finding stations that actively have gas near your current location.  This morning, I found gas at the Wawa on NW 103rd Street in Hialeah Gardens.  I was also able to fill up my other vehicle at the BJ’s in Hialeah Gardens.

Gas at the BJ's Gas Station in Hialeah Gardens
Gas at the BJ’s Gas Station in Hialeah Gardens

Residents reported on the Miami Springs Community Facebook Group that a tanker had arrived and that gas was once again available at the Miami Springs Sunoco gas station this morning.

As I write, GasBuddy is also reporting gas at the Chevron at Curtiss Parkway and NW 36th Street in Virginia Gardens.

The GasBuddy map below shows where there’s available gas as of 9:20am Wednesday morning.  Blue means they have gas.  Yellow means no gas.

The main thing to do right now is to be patient.  There may not be gas in the most convenient location.  And there may be a line at the gas station when you find a station with gas.  Please be patient.

The disruption is only temporary.  Tanker trucks continue to come into South Florida filling gas stations as soon as possible.  This will hopefully be over in a few days.

We understand some people are panic buying which causes a further depletion of fuel inventory.  But that means they won’t need gas for another week or two depending on their driving habits.

Again.  Be patient.  This will be over soon.


  1. I agree with Nelson. Springs residents are are the first to complain about gas prices and gas shortages but will fight tooth and nail to keep big oil running the show. Reap what you sow…

    • The market shifted from the Horse and Buggy to the automobile once the automobile proved to be more practical and economical. EV adoption is gaining adoption, but it has not become more economical or practical yet. Consumers could care less about the oil industry. But the gas powered automobile is currently the most practical and economical form of transportation. As EV batteries gain greater range and lower costs, their adoption will continue to improve.

  2. Miami Springs should give incentives to move off gas and move to solar / wind. That’s the only way to stop all this nonsense every year.


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