The Miami Springs Police Department released a statement indicating that a firearm the Police Department confiscated earlier this year was linked to a homicide that had occurred in the City of Miami.

Colt 45 1911 Gun
File photo.

Here’s the full release from the Police Department:

“February 2021, officers of the Miami springs Police Department responded to a NW 36 Street hotel regarding a disturbance.  After dealing with the incident, officers were given consent to search a vehicle owned by one of the persons involved in the disturbance and a firearm was located.  The firearm was not claimed by anyone involved int he incident, or by the vehicle owner, and was subsequently impounded.

Most firearms seized or impounded by the Miami Springs Police Department are sent to Miami-Dade Police Department’s Crime Laboratory where they are processed through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacoo, Firearms, and Explosives’ (ATF) National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN).  

The ballistic evidence taken from the firearm in this case linked it to a homicide that occurred in the City of Miami.  Details of those involved in this case were forwarded to City of Miami PD Homicide Detectives.”

City of Miami Springs Police Seal
City of Miami Springs Police Seal

This is yet another example of how Miami Springs Police are continuously tasked away from the residential neighborhoods to deal with crime on 36 Street.  It’s a bad deal.  Miami Springs residents pay the bulk of the taxes and the hotels receive the bulk of the services.

We applaud the City’s efforts to gain a bed tax.  But until that becomes reality, the City needs to look at other options to have these hotels pay their fare share respective to the amount of police services they are consuming.


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