Miami Springs remains with just 2 reported cases of COVID-19, however, our zip code, 33166, which includes Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, Medley, Doral, and unincorporated areas to our west has 26 confirmed cases.  There are 59 people to have confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Doral and another 3 in Medley.

Miami-Dade has over 4,400 cases of Coronavirus with over 250 hospitalizations and 38 fatalities, put the rate of fatalities at under 1%.

Below you can see how Miami-Dade is comparing against New Orleans.  As you can see, Miami-Dade has more cases than New Orleans, but our fatality rate is less than 1% where in New Orleans the fatality rate is at 4%.  We don’t know yet why we’re faring so much better than New Orleans, but this bears further review as this crisis unfolds.  Either we’re testing a heck of a lot more people than New Orleans, or our healthcare system is more effective, or we’re protecting the most vulnerable…Bottom line, we need to learn why our fatality rate is much lower so that we can improve the survivability nationwide.


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