If you manage a dental office, you know that when one of your staff members calls out, it is imperative to get temporary help immediately. The staff members in a dental office all rely on each other to keep things running smoothly. 

If a hygienist or dental assistant calls out, your appointments will take longer. The dentist will have to perform the hygienist’s duties and their own. Your patients are likely to get very frustrated if they have to spend more time at your office than they originally intended to. If you have to reschedule appointments, your patients are likely to be annoyed as well. They may even leave you a bad review on the internet. A bad review can seriously hurt your business.

When a dental office needs a temporary employee in a hurry, they will typically rely on a dental staffing agency. As you can imagine, there is more than one such agency in the city of Miami. Finding the best staffing agency can be challenging. There are a few simple tips you should follow.

Read Reviews

One of the best ways you can find a specialized staffing agency is to read reviews from other dentist offices. If you Google, “dental agency reviews in Miami,”  You will get many results. Paid advertisements from staffing agencies in your area will come up first. Their website may be covered in good reviews that they paid for or wrote themselves.

You should look for a website that is devoted to dental staffing reviews in your area. A trustworthy dental review site will not allow paid reviews to be posted. The site’s staff will verify all of the reviews that they publish. That means they must make sure that the person writing the review actually did business with the dental staffing agency they are reviewing.

If a dental staffing review site is worthwhile, it will list such things as the hours of the dental staffing agency, the number of people working there, and general information about rates. The more thorough a review. the more trustworthy its author. 

Ask the Right Questions

Before you hire a dental staffing agency, there are a few questions that you should ask the recruiter you talk to. The first question is, “How long have you been in business?” You want to make sure to hire someone who has many years of experience in finding staff for dental offices.

Ask how many employees the agency has and how many clients each recruiter handles. You want to make sure that they have time to deal with you and to get staff to your office. 

Find out how well they screen applicants, Make sure the temporary staffing agency will check licensing information for you. Ask how many times they will try to contact a job reference before giving up. Ask them how often they update their records.

Employment recruiters have a hard job. They must get people into the office to apply and they have to interview applicants and do background checks on them. They have to take orders and place temporaries as well. With all of those duties, they do not always have time to go through their records and update them. Much of the information about the staffing agency may be out of date. Ask how often the staffing agency updates its records.

When you hire a staffing agency, you will sign a contract with them. If you need a staffer for a temp-to-hire position, the agency will normally provide you with a staff member for a period of three months. If the temp works out, you can offer them a job. Most dental practices will wait until a temporary person’s contract expires before offering that temp a permanent job. However,

there will normally be a buyout clause in the contract. You should be able to hire a temporary employee before your contract ends if you pay a fee.

A well-run dentist’s office is a fully staffed office. If you know what to look for in a dental staffing agency, your operations will be seamless even if one or two people call in sick.


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