Lawsuit: WPLG Shares Feedback from Residents and Factory Town


WPLG Local 10 shared the following video to YouTube which recaps the lawsuit filed by the City of Miami Springs against Factory Town.  This is the first time we’ve heard publicly from representatives of Factory Town.

According to the WPLG report, Factory Town is trying to get the case against it dismissed by arguing the City of Miami Springs has no jurisdiction over the matter.  However, the City of Miami Springs is citing State of Florida law which would in theory give the City of Miami Springs standing.

Miami Springs Residents Speak Up

Lou Grasso and his wife spoke with Layron Livingston from WPLG and shared their concerns of the excessive noise.  They recorded the sound from their backyard since they couldn’t get any sleep.

Photo credit @WPLG
Photo credit @WPLG

Humorist and contributor, Buzz Flieischman, also spoke with WPLG about the constant “Boom, Boom, Boom.”  Buzz added, “It hit a nerve.”

Buzz Fleischman speaks with WPLG. Photo credit @WPLG

But it wasn’t just Miami Springs residents who were kept up by the noise, Hialeah resident and MSSH Alum, Jose Azze also spoke with WPLG.  Azze closed saying, “I really hope it doesn’t return.”

We’ll see what the court decides.

The next event at Factory Town is scheduled for Thursday night, March 24th at 10pm and runs till Friday, March 25th at 10am.  Good luck getting some sleep Miami Springs.

In case you are new to this story, we’re sharing the map below.  It helps to better understand how a concert venue in Hialeah impacted so many residents in Miami Springs.

Hialeah Miami Springs Map showing sound from Concert

Factory Town Update





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