Our zip code, 33166, had the lowest number of weekly new cases of COVID-19 last week since Memorial Day week of 2020.  In Miami Springs, we estimate we had just 6 new cases of COVID-19 last week.  As more people get the vaccine, it stops the ability of the virus to infect and spread.


In Miami-Dade County we had a drop in the number of weekly new cases of COVID-19 to just 2,229.  That’s the lowest number since June of 2020 and one quarter of the number we had back in April.

The number of new COVID-19 hospitalizations also dropped last week with just 123 hospitalizations.  That’s the lowest number since December of 2020.  We hope to see that number decrease below 100 this week.

We had 55 fatalities last week.  That’s the lowest number of fatalities in Miami-Dade County since December of 2020.


The trend in lower cases extends statewide.  Florida saw 12,552 new cases last week.  That’s down from over 18,000 the prior week.  It’s also the lowest number of new weekly cases in Florida since June of 2020.

We also had a drop in fatalities across Florida last week to just 318.  That’s the lowest number of weekly fatalities in Florida since November of 2020.


Folks, the science is clear.  As more people get the COVID vaccine, the more we see the number of new cases decrease.  We encourage residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine.  It protects you and the people around you.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) will be back at the Miami Springs Rec Center this week.  This week you can choose to get the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine or the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.  NOTE:  The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has only been approved for adults 18 and older.  The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children 12 and older.  No appointments.  Vaccines are available for walk ups only.


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