We reported late last year that All Angels Academy was closing its doors in January.  That left many to wonder what would happen to this beautiful campus.  The void from All Angels Academy created the opportunity to allow Loyola Elementary to make a major move from Doral to Miami Springs.

Welcome to Beautiful Miami Springs!

Loyola Elementary has been operating for over 20 years providing pre-K and Elementary education.  The following video provides an insight into Loyola and the philosophy they have for educating your children.  Members of the staff and administration share their beliefs in education and religion.

Loyola’s current campus is located at 2900 NW 109th Avenue.  That’s about 3 miles to our west.  The next video was posted by Loyola Elementary earlier today as they make the move to the new campus in Miami Springs.

We reached out to the school to learn more about expected date of opening, registration, etc.  We’ll update you once those details become available.

Statement from Loyola Elementary:

A pearl grows in a safe and perfect place. After being covered by many layers, it can become so large that it no longer fits in its shell.  But the pearl’s work continues even when it has left its home, it finds purpose in its new space. Loyola Elementary and Preschool, the pearl of Doral, as described by a mother from the school, moves to Miami Springs after more than 20 years of service in Doral. We have offered  first-class educational service. Contributing to the city has been a priority, and many events established today have been a demonstration of our hard work and effort to the community. We only point out some of them with the intention to share our story:

• Morgan Levy’s cultural programs
• The Doral 5K
• Mother’s Day Concerts
• Doral Preschool Coalition
• The cultural coalition of Doral
And many more..

Like a pearl, Loyola is a demonstration of love, perseverance, and an organic project. Pearls have been valued in all cultures and times and have been associated with wisdom and valuable elements. We have learned a lot throughout all the experiences we have lived in these years.

Serving the community is a vocation. It is a privilege to impact the lives of so many people positively and we are hopeful that we can use our resources to the fullest to see the fruits now in your great city and with all of you.

We are eternally grateful to the Doral community but we also feel an enormous amount of gratitude to God for helping us secure this amazing new home, previously All Angels Academy. We are certain that in this moment new horizons are opening up to us with God always guiding us.

In our history book, you can read that Loyola was born in Doral, and we have to be thankful for that and now we are ready to continue this amazing journey in the Miami Springs Community.

 As Ignatian disciples, we end by saying that everything we have done, are doing, and will continue to do has been and will be for the greater glory of God.

Learn more about Loyola Elementary at www.LoyolaElementary.com


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