The City of Miami Springs City Manager, William Alonso, has shared a memo from Miami-Dade County Mayor Gimenez regarding the possible expansion at the TGK Correctional Facility at NW 36th Street.

Here’s the message from the City Manager:
We have obtained a copy of Mayor Gimenez’s memo to the County Commission which details the proposed expansion of TGK. Click the link below to access the memo.  This memo states that the new facility will have approx. 2000 beds, 4 courtrooms, a 600 space parking garage and other offices and central support building with a total cost of $393 million. It also calls for the closing and demolishing of the Pretrial Detention Center on NW 13th St, a site that is 2.7 acres and “can greatly increase development options for the area”. If this project is built, the facility will become a prisoner intake/RELEASE center for most if not all prisoners in Miami Dade County! The memo further states that this will be discussed at the next Commission meeting which is today (Feb 19) however the item is not on the agenda so it appears it will be at the March meeting, Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens will be there!

Here’s the memo below:

View PDF version of County Memo

As you know, voters approved annexing the area, including the TGK facility as part of Miami Springs.  The County has not yet approved the annexation.


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