Outdoor Hialeah Concerts till 5am: Sleepless Nights in Miami Springs


That Heavy Bass Music you’re hearing is NOT from a party in Miami Springs.  It’s not from Virginia Gardens.  It’s not from Medley.  It’s coming from 37th Avenue in the eastern most section of Southeast Hialeah.  We’re talking past the Home Depot.

CALL HIALEAH POLICE:  305.687.2525

Miami Springs Police are aware of the situation, but the Police can’t do anything since it’s outside Miami Springs jurisdiction. However, you can reach the Miami Springs City Manager and let him know so that he can relay the message to his counterpart in neighboring City of Hialeah.  You can reach the City Manager at:  alonsow@miamisprings-fl.gov or call 305.805.5011.

CALL HIALEAH POLICE:  305.687.2525

You also have the right to complain to the City of Hialeah Police Department.  You can reach the City of Hialeah Police Depart at:  305.687.2525.  Seriously.  We encourage you to call them and complain if you can’t sleep.

CALL HIALEAH POLICE:  305.687.2525

They’re going to tell you there’s nothing they can do.  The people blasting the music have permits.  But if you’re having trouble sleeping, we recommend you let the City of Hialeah Police Department know exactly how you feel.  Call them at 305.687.2525 and let them know why you can’t sleep tonight.

CALL HIALEAH POLICE:  305.687.2525

Where’s the music coming from?  It’s a place called Factory Town just east of the train tracks on the southeastern edge of Hialeah.  The address is 4800 NW 37th Avenue.

CALL HIALEAH POLICE:  305.687.2525

As you can see above, the outdoor venue is less than a mile (as the crow flies) from the southeast corner of Miami Springs.  The sound (specifically the deep bass sound) has been reported by residents all the way on Ludlam or three miles away.

It’s absolutely absurd that the City of Hialeah has allowed an outdoor, not indoor, but outdoor concert with a sound system so loud, you can hear the bass thumping three miles away in Miami Springs.  We all love a good party on a Friday or Saturday night.  But generally those local parties die down around midnight.  And the typical recreational DJ isn’t blasting the kind of wattage that travels three miles.  We have residents on Ludlam, on the opposite side of Miami Springs complaining about the noise.  Furthermore, the City of Hialeah is allowing this on school night’s where children and families need to go to school and work the next day.

Today, we had bands playing at Blessed Trinity’s Parish Festival. You couldn’t hear that music more than a block or two away.  Much less three miles away.


According to the neighbors in Hialeah, this outdoor music festival will go on till 5am Monday morning.  And it’s all permitted and approved.  How considerate of them.


I sleep like a baby.  But many people don’t.  I got tons of reports from people who couldn’t sleep on Thursday night when this all started.  So, if you can’t sleep it’s important that your voice be heard.  Here’s what we recommend you do:

  1. Call the Hialeah Police at 305.687.2525.  They won’t be able to do anything, but if you can’t sleep, they should be aware of the problem they are causing.
  2. Contact Miami Springs City Manager, William Alonso:  alonsow@miamisprings-fl.gov or call 305.805.5011.
  3. Call the City of Hialeah Mayor’s Office:  305.883.5800
  4. Email the City of Hialeah Mayor at: ebovo@hialeahfl.gov
  5. Attend the next City City of Hialeah Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 7pm at 501 Palm Avenue and let them know about your sleepless night.








  1. You snobby miami springs residents. You cannot hear the music/base from within your homes. Too bad if you step outside and hear it. Deal with it.

  2. Just turn down your hearing aides, take a benadryl with your metamucil, crank up that AM radio, and think back to the wholesome days of your youth.
    Or sell your overpriced little house in this socialist heathen hole and get you a big ole plot of land in quiet Kentucky. There won’t be any Hialeahns around for hundreds of miles to trouble your sensitive ears.

  3. It is outrageous that the City of Hialeah did not consider its recidents to allow such load !!! Super load music till 5am, think before you give out another permit !!!
    Concider your recidents, not the money your going to make !!!
    Could not sleep until the freaking concert was over every night !!! When called the police was told they have a permit from the City of Hialeah, theres nothing we can do, sorry.
    Who ever signed that permit should be held accountable for over a least 500 homes affected.

  4. Bitch….this is Miami Springs and Hialeah, not fucking Miami Beach! We don’t want that shit where we live. If we did, we would move to the beach.


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