Miami Springs Senior High Aerospace Academy commenced the school year with an enriching field trip that immersed students in the aviation realm. Their first stop at Paramount Aviation, renowned for its cutting-edge flight simulators, offered students a hands-on experience that few could only dream of. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Nelson Gonzalez, Compliance Manager at Paramount Aviation and President of GMAA Miami’s Batchelor Scholarship Fund, students not only learned about the pivotal role of these multi-million-dollar simulators in pilot training but also had the privilege of partaking in thrilling simulator rides, giving them an authentic taste of the aviation world.

Gratitude was profusely expressed to Nelson Gonzalez, Vincent LaForgia, Vito LaForgia, and the entire Paramount Aviation team for creating an unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly shape the students’ aviation aspirations. In the second leg of their field trip, the students ventured to the IATA Regional Office for the Beacon Council Aviation Committee Meeting. Here, they engaged with industry experts like Pedro de la Fuente from IATA, Jorge Bernal-Geshier from Airbus, and Rudy Albert from American Airlines in discussions surrounding Sustainable Aviation Fuel.


This exposure to industry leaders not only broadened their horizons but also instilled a deeper understanding of aviation’s evolving environmental responsibilities and its role in shaping the future of sustainable air travel. Special thanks were extended to Madeline Mesa, Santiago Saltos, Peter Cerda, and the entire IATA team for their warm hospitality and for facilitating a thought-provoking discussion that left an indelible mark on the students’ academic journey.


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