We recently shared the story of the Miami Springs mother of three young children battling cancer.  Her name is Vilma and she’s a member of the Jagessar family that has been part of the Miami Springs Community for decades.  Vilma is a school teacher and a member of the Springview Elementary family.

Jagessar Family
Vilma Jagessar with her husband and three children ages 12, 10, and 7 years old.

Unfortunately, she’s had a reoccurrence of cancer.  As a result, Mrs. Jagessar can’t work while undergoing treatments.  Furthermore, her husband remains by her side as a full-time caretaker and therefore also unable to work.  Vilma’s family setup a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to help alleviate the family’s financial burden.

With the help of your generosity, the family has been able to raise over $46,000 towards their $150,000 goal.  We want to thank everyone who has supported the family by donating online.  You can still donate online at their GoFundMe Page below:

Bake Sale for a Cause

The Miami Springs Community is once again showing their support for Vilma and the Jagessar family with a Bake Sale for a Cause being held on Saturday, April 8th at Prince Field.   Join friends and family for this special community bake sale to help raise funds for Vilma Jagessar as she continues to battle cancer.

Here’s a message from Inge Lange encouraging everyone to join this special Bake Sale for a Cause:

Good evening all, would like to share with you this fundraiser we are having to support Miss Vilma and her family. Hope you can join us and try the delicious sweets.  We will have a tent set at Prince Field. Look for the green tent.

According to her sister:

“Vilma is a fighter. Most importantly, she’s got God on her side and we know He’s a God of miracles.

From the bottom of our hearts we humbly ask you to share this link with friends and family and if possible in giving, any amount will truly help.

We thank you for your support. God bless you”

If you can participate in the Bake Sale, make plans to join them on Prince Field on Saturday, April 8th.  You can also donate directly to their GoFundMe Page.  And please share this with friends and family to continue to help the Jagessar family during this difficult time.

And please pray for Vilma, her husband, and her 3 beautiful children.  May the Lord watch over this beautiful family.

We also want to thank the Miami Springs Community for your continued generosity.  This community is truly one of the greatest in all of South Florida.  The love and care this community shows is one of a kind.  God bless you all.


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