UPDATE: Feb 2, 2022:
The City of Miami Springs administration confirmed that they “overlooked” the Tree City USA application and failed to submit the Tree City USA application on time.  This is why the City of Miami Springs lost its place on the list of cities recognized as a Tree City USA.  The city administration committed to submitting the application on time this year. This is the first time in 28 years and multiple city administrations that the City of Miami Springs “forgot” to submit the application for Tree City USA. Well, we’re glad we could help remind them to “do their jobs.”  Makes one wonder what else is being overlooked?

UPDATE: Feb 1, 2022:
After speaking with the ArborDay Foundation, they confirmed that the City of Miami Springs is not recognized as an official Tree City USA.  Furthermore, the last year Miami Springs was recognized was back in 2020.

According the the City of Miami Springs, “The City of Miami Springs earned its first designation in 1993 as a Tree City by the National Arbor Day Foundation.  In 2015 the City continues the commitment it made by accepting it’s 27th consecutive year title as Tree City USA, and has continued the high honor in accepting the Tree City Growth Award for the 25th consecutive year. The City was awarded the  honor of Tree City USA for Florida in 2004, and was one of four finalists in 2005, and has also won one Sterling Award.”  

Tree City USA

As you can see, this post above was made 8 years ago, back in 2015.  So we went to Tree City USA’s website to see if Miami Springs was still listed as one of the recognized Tree City USA cities.  To our surprise and shock, Miami Springs is not currently listed.  We’ve reached out to the Arbor Day Foundation to understand why Miami Springs is not currently listed as a recognized city.

Nevertheless, the following nearby cities are still listed as recognized by Tree City USA:

  • Village of Virginia Gardens
  • Doral
  • Coral Gables
  • City of Miami
  • Miami Beach
  • Miami Gardens
  • Miami Lakes

Here’s a screenshot from the ArborDay website.  You can see we should be listed alphabetically right after Miami Lakes.  But we’re not on the list.

Meanwhile, we have been receiving complaints from several residents about beautiful mature trees being cut down and not being replaced.  In some cases, the City Administration claims the trees are being replaced “elsewhere.”

That leads me to our favorite construction project.  The infamous 1 Curtiss Parkway Project also known as Miami Springs Town Center.  This project would have been well served with a canopy of oak trees or other shade trees surrounding it.  At minimum, it could have used some palm trees.  Again, it could have been an opportunity to help beautify Miami Springs and expand our tree canopy.  It could have provided shade for residents, pedestrians, and patrons from the brutal summer sunshine. But as you can see below, not a single tree has been added to the property.

Instead, during negotiations, they convinced the City of Miami Springs to accept planting trees across the street on the Canal Side.  You know, the side of the street that has the beautiful coconut palms and does not need tree canopy enhancement.  See for yourself below.

So instead of getting a new project surrounded by beautiful trees like you might see in the Coral Gables business district, we’re getting a concrete block with no shade trees…no green canopy.  I swear.  I can’t make this up.

Back to Tree City USA

Now, in a best case scenario, this is just a clerical error and the City of Miami Springs will be officially listed on the Tree City USA website once again.  Worst case scenario, we’ve officially lost the designation and should do everything possible to regain the designation.

Regardless of whether we’re an official Tree City or not, residents are upset about the loss of mature trees and the lack of visible replacements.  More on that soon.  Stay tuned.



  1. Please plant more trees, especially at 1 Curtiss Parkway. Frame the building with coconut palms, royal palms, indigenous flowering plants, Australian Pines. Just make it
    an authentic “Florida Building.” Miami Springs, like Coral Gables is uniquely South Florida. Get us back on the “Tree City” list.–Bill Moore


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