We recently had the opportunity to tour the beautiful Miami Springs Golf Course with our new City Manager, JC Jimenez, and the superintendent of the golf course, Laurie Bland.  They showed us how the golf course is almost ready after undergoing a $3.8 Million renovation, but still needs some patches of the newly seeded golf course to finally fill in. See the current state of the golf course in the video below:

One of the interesting things we learned is that the new design will also include a new playing area for a short game.  The short game will include 6 holes that are walking only.  The 6 holes range in 30 to 80 yards.  So it’s a separate play area.  So if you don’t want to pay for a full 18 hole game, you can pay for the more affordable and less time consuming short game.

There will also be a big new putting green area to allow folks to practice.  The putting area will be completely free and complimentary to use.

No timeline is available as to when the renovated golf course will open because mother nature needs to take its course.  However, we are certain it will open up sometime in early 2024.  How early is yet to be determined.

We are not golfers, but we treasure having a world class golf course right here in beautiful Miami Springs.  We are excited to see the course looking beautiful.  And we’re also excited about the new short game and what that can mean for increased usage and revenues at the Golf Course.

We also want to thank JC Jimenez and Laurie Bland for their willingness to meet with us and share what’s happening with the Miami Springs Community.  Thank you so much and we wish them the greatest success with the reopening of the Miami Springs Golf Course.

What do you think?  Are you excited to play on the new golf course?  Will you be trying out the new short game?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via social media.


  1. absolutely useless video! didn’t show anything about what has been done to the course, no view of the short course or where it’s at or anything else, why bother with this video?


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