Milam’s Markets announced that they were able to donate $42,785 to the Nicklaus Children’s Foundation on June 23, 2021.  Milam’s Markets was able to raise these funds thanks to the generosity of the community in just 25 days.

Milam's Markets raises over $40,000 for Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Milam’s Markets raises over $40,000 for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

The donation will benefit the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation (formerly known as Miami Children’s Hospital.). As someone who’s spent countless hours at Miami Children’s Hospital / Nicklaus Children’s Hospital over the last 15 years, I can attest to the beautiful work conducted by the angels who work there to help children live better lives.

We are ever grateful to everyone who donated to this great cause including the Miami Springs Community, the Milam’s Markets staff, and the Milam’s family.  Thank you!



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