Milam’s Markets continues to serve our community during times of emergencies.  We’ve seen them put in the extra work and effort during Hurricane preparedness, and they are doing the same as residents stock up on supplies in the event the Coronavirus situation worsens.

All the cashiers were open serving customers Thursday night with lines of customers about 3 deep moving smoothly and efficiently.  The parking lot was busier than usual, but still easy to get in and out.

The staff was working hard and friendly as usual.

Like many retailers, Milam’s was running a little low on toilet paper.

But don’t worry, they will be restocking shelves.

We are still months away from Hurricane Season, but the current COVID-19 (Chinese Coronavirus) State of Emergency provides us an opportunity to stock up on foods and supplies. It’s good to be prepared in the event your family needs to be quarantined.  Hopefully, your family won’t need it and will just be that much more prepared for the Hurricane season in June.


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