According to Miami Springs Police Chief, Armando Guzman, Miami Springs Police Detectives were able to identify two of the three suspects in the December 7th attack of a Middle School Student at Stafford Park on East Drive.  The two identified suspects were arrested following an investigation by the Miami Springs Police and charged with battery.

According to the Police Report (see bottom for full redacted police report) the victim is only 12 years old.  In the video, you can see he tries to run away.  He repeatedly yells, “I don’t even know y’all.”  After several yards of running, the boy is tackled from behind by another boy.  Then other boys arrive and the group begin to punch and kick on the defenseless 12 year old on the ground.

According to the Police Report, the victim stated “he was playing football at Stafford Park, by the plaground area, with two of his friends…REDACTED…when two students from the middle school apprached him and attacked him for no apparent reason.  The subjects were part of a group of students that were hanging around the park.  The victim advised he does not know the two subjects that attacked him, but would be abl to identify them if he sees them again.”


According to the report, Suspect #1 is described as a white male, with red hair and wearing a gray hoodie.  He is reported to be approximately 17 years old.

Suspect #2 is described as a black male wearing a gray sweatshirt and glasses.  He is reported to be approximately 13 years old.

Suspect #3 is described as a white male wearing beige pants with a blue polo shirt and blue shoes.


NBC 6 first reported the story of the Miami Springs Middle School male student that was violently attacked and beaten by another group of boys at Stafford Park.

The attack was caught on cell phone video obtained by NBC 6.  According to the report, two of the attackers are students at Miami Springs Middle School and were suspended, but not expelled.  The parents were calling for the students to be expelled for their actions.

See the NBC 6 video below.

Here’s the second video of the full attack.  Warning, the video is disturbing.


Below is a copy of the police report provided by the Miami Springs Police Department.  Since the victim, witnesses, and suspects are all minors, the identities were redacted by the Police for their protection.




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