The Miami Springs Police Department announced the arrest of Jose Merlos on Wednesday, September 8th on charges of Oxycodone Trafficking, Possession of a Controlled Substance (MDMA), Reckless Driving, and a Probation Violation.

JOSE MERLOS (Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections)

According to MSPD, a Springs Detective noticed a speeding vehicle in the 200 block of Westward Drive.  (Yeah, literally speeding in front of the Police Station.). According to the Police, the driver of the vehicle (identified as Jose Merlos) cut off another vehicle on Westward and nearly struck a parked car.  Merlos allegedly continued to drive recklessly heading west on Westward Drive and reached an estimated speed of 60mph.

Miami Springs City Hall & Police Department

The Miami Springs Detective who had observed the reckless driver caught up with Merlos as Merlos turned off Westward and into the Bird Section of Miami Springs.  The Detective was able to successfully stop Merlos in the 500 block of Swan Avenue.

After the stop, the Detective was able to identify the driver as Jose Merlos of Miami.  The records check also revealed that Merlos was on Felony Probation as of June 28, 2021 fro carrying a concealed firearm without a concealed weapons permit.

According to Police, Merlos consented to a search of the vehicle.  That’s when Miami Springs Police allege Merlos had the following inside the vehicle:

  • An unlabeled prescription pill bottle containing 118 Oxycodone Pills
  • A small Ziploc bag containing MDNA tablets (aka Ecstasy)
  • Capsules containing an unknown brown substance
Drugs confiscated by Miami Springs Police
Drugs confiscated by Miami Springs Police (Credit: Miami Springs Police)

Jose Merlos was arrested and transported to TGK.


Search Results
Mug Image 210150045 MERLOS, JOSE ANGEL 09/08/2021 18:47 W M 09/26/1998 BLK BRO 180 Lbs 5′ 10″ 3030374 TGKCC
Case(s) Information
Case Number: F21015730
Comment Case: PCH
Charge: OXYCODONE/ TRAFFICKING/ 25GR>/ <100GR Bond: $ 250000 **
Remark: MDMA;
Warrant Case: F20010708 Desc: PROBATION VIOLATION Bond: N/A **
Warrant Case: A5EN2KP Desc: RECKLESS DRIVING Bond: $ 500 **
Bond Information
Charge Satisfied: No
Bond Submitted:
** Bond information posted on this case/charge may not reflect the current amount. Call the detention facility for updated information.


  1. So followed up with this matter. Turns out Mr. Merlos had his medication and legit prescription. Charges were dropped but the driving infractions were mediated.


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