Miami Springs homes are being rented out for weekend parties.  We found the following home, located at Deer Run and Curtiss Parkway listed for hosting up to 16 people for 3 nights for $2,049.

Ironically, a member of our community recently posted on Facebook of an alleged armed robbery that occurred near this home last Saturday night / Sunday morning.

The post was placed on the Miami Springs Community Group on Facebook and stated as follows:

“My brother and his girlfriend got robbed at gunpoint yesterday on Curtis and deer run. Right at the corner in front of a house. Guy came out from behind a car. Please be careful.”

According to further details posted, the incident occurred around 1am on Sunday morning, November 15, 2020.

The alleged suspect was described as “Younger male, about 5’6, African American, had a blue half mask and a 380 on him. Just FYI. Stole my brother chain and took their phones and dropped them together In the golf course. So a young kid but the gun was definitely loaded. My brothers head is swollen.”

We asked if a Police Report had been filed.  Jessica replied by stating “They immediately drove to the cops. My brothers head was very swollen. They found the phones bc I have location services on for him and I saw where it was.”

Obviously, we are disturbed to hear about this alleged incident of an armed robbery in quiet Miami Springs at 1am on a Sunday morning.  Heck, it bothers us to hear when this happens on NW 36th Street where we know we have a transient population.

Party home rental posted on Twitter for a home located on Deer Run and Curtiss Parkway.

The problem we’re seeing is that we’re getting a transient population of tourists and party goers who can invade Miami Springs for a weekend and have no care for the long term care and value of our neighborhood.

Party home rental posted on Twitter for a home located on Deer Run and Curtiss Parkway.
Party home rental posted on Twitter for a home located on Deer Run and Curtiss Parkway.

Look, we have no way of telling you whether the alleged incident that occurred last weekend was related to the home being party rented at the same location.  But we do know that we have a crime problem associated with the transient population on NW 36th Street.  It isn’t too far a stretch to think that AIR B&B style short term rentals won’t also cause an increase in crime.  However, instead of being at NW 36th Street, these rentals can happen in the house next to yours.

What do you think of these AIR B&B style short term rentals?


  1. We have inept code enforcement department that only force when it’s convenient to them. They worry about putting 2 yard signs instead focusing on real crap. And they let their buddies at BDC to park their commercial trucks.


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