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The good news is that crime reported by the City of Miami springs during the month of November was down 20% compared to October and down 13% compared to November of last year.  Overall, there were just 39 reported criminal incidents during the month of November.  That’s well below the 17 month average of 45 criminal incidents per month.


There were eight reported incidents of assault in November.  That’s a 33% increase over the prior month and 60% more than we saw last year.  There were (3) incidents of Simple Assault and Battery.  There were (5) incidents of Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  Here’s the interesting thing on the (5) deadly weapon assaults:  Two of the incidents occurred on the 600 block of East Drive.  Two of the incidents occurred between the 4500 and 4200 blocks of NW 36th Street.  And the 5th incident occurred along the 3400 block of LeJeune Road.

600 block of East Drive
600 Block of East Drive shows the Miami Springs Inn on the left and the Runway Inn on the right


November had (2) cases of Breaking and Entering in non-residential areas.  One incident occurred along the 3500 block of LeJeune Road.  The second incident occurred in the 600 block of East Drive…the same area where we saw (2) of the Assault with Deadly Weapon incidents reported above.


There were no residential break-ins during the month of November.  That marks the 3rd month without a reported residential break-in.  We have not had a residential burglary in Miami Springs since mid August.  That’s fantastic news for all residents living in Miami Springs.


After two months without a robbery, there was one reported robbery incident that occurred in the 1100 block of Swan Avenue on November 18th.  That incident led to a felony warrant arrest.


Vehicle burglaries were down 23% in November compared to October and down 58% compared to November of 2018.  In total, we had 10 reported vehicle burglaries and we’re happy to see this number going down.

  • (4) incidents occurred along LeJeune Road.
  • (3) incidents occurred along S Royal Poinciana Boulevard
  • (1) incidents occurred along NW 36th Street.
  • (1) incident occurred along Ragan Drive.
  • (1) incident occurred along Wren Avenue.


Thefts were down 65% in November compared to the record high 17 thefts recorded in October. The six thefts in November were also down 33% compared to last year.  The breakdown of thefts included (3) thefts classified as “Theft Other,” (2) thefts of auto accessories, and (1) theft that led to a misdemeanor warrant arrest.


There were (4) stolen vehicles reported during the month of November.  That matches the 17 month average of (4) stolen vehicles each month.  All four stolen vehicles were reported stolen from the “crime district” including (2) vehicles stolen from the 3900 block of South River Drive, (1) vehicle stolen from the 4700 block of NW 36th Street, and (1) vehicle stolen from the 4000 block of NW 31st Street.


There were (4) reported drug incidents during the month of November.  That’s double the 17 month average of just (2) drug incidents per month. Two of the incidents were reported along NW 36th Street, (1) incident reported along Kenmore Drive, and another incident reported along the 600 block of East Drive.

Crime Hub


The 600 block of East Drive had 4 criminal incidents last month.  That represents more than 10% of all the criminal incidents reported in Miami Springs in November.  The crimes along this block included (2) assaults with a deadly weapon, (1) breaking and entering and (1) drug incident.  Obviously, this block includes a couple of fun



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