An example of a life fully lived would be Sydney R. Garton who lived to the age of 96. She was born on July 30, 1927, in Newport, Kentucky, and died February 6th, 2024, Miami Springs, Florida.

In Loving Memory of Sydney R. Garton

In Loving Memory of Sydney R. Garton

In her early years, she played piano, and sang in a choir with Rosemary Clooney. She grew up across the river from Cincinnati, moved to Miami Springs after high school with her mother, sister and brother in law, and met the love of her life within a year. She married Edward Walter Garton Jr. They lived, loved and made sure to camp in the Carolinas each summer while their kids, Glenn and Gayle, were young. After that, they were driving cross country each year, attempting to hit all 48 contiguous states.

They didn’t quite make it. Her husband died in 1988 at the age of 61. Sydney delved into her work at the Hialeah Miami Springs Board of Realtors, as Executive Director, and leaned on her friends who helped her blossom into a poker playing, karaoke singing, Rotary loving traveler who would not be denied fun. Her travels took her to many places, from China to Egypt, Scotland and Greece. She loved the history, the friendship and the parties. Mostly the parties.  She also gave much of her time to the Rotary Club, the Miami Springs Historic Preservation Board, and was proud to work the polls each year. Well into her 90’s, she continued to sing usually at the Miami Springs Country Club.

In the last few months of her life, she couldn’t see that well, couldn’t remember that much, but once in a while, she would belt out “God Bless America” from her bed to the surprise of patients and staff at Miami Springs Rehab Center. She is survived by her son, Glenn, daughter, Gayle, grandchildren Craig and Abigail Garton, Kaila and Jia arton-Miler and great grandchildren Brynn and Cameron Garton.

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