According to multiple local TV reports, two students were arrested for making the threats to Miami Springs Middle School this week.  According to the reports, the children were aged 13 and 14 years old.

According to The Miami Herald, investigators were able to determine that the Instagram account with the threatening posts belonged to a 14 year old student at Miami Springs Senior High.  According to the Herald article, a second threat came from a 13 year old at Miami Springs Middle School.  Both students were arrested.

Here’s the link to The Miami Herald article:

Here’s the video report from WSVN 7.

As you know, the following threats were posted on Instagram threatening to shoot up Miami Springs Middle School.

Miami Springs Police, Miami-Dade County Schools Police, the FBI, and according to WSVN, the Secret Service were all used in this 5 day ordeal.  An incredible amount of resources were put in place to ensure that our children remained safe.  Furthermore, it was important to send a message that these threats will not be tolerated and are taken extremely seriously.

Congratulations to the entire law enforcement team working on this case.  This will give parents much needed peace of mind.

Miami Springs Middle School


Click below to read the WSVN report.


  1. With a couple of pauses for Viet Nam and college at the University of Tennessee, I was raised in Miami Springs from 1950 to 1973. I just wanted to say to the people of Miami Springs and to the current generation, thanks for keeping it the bright and beautiful city I remember. I know lots has changed, but having been in and out of there in the last few years I am still proud to call it home. Just like hurricanes, floods Everglades fires and Covid-1, the people of Miami Springs, as they always have, will overcome all of it. Seems as if, no matter the language you speak, your ethnicity, or city of origin, When you come to Miami Springs, you become a “Miami Springer.” Cheers to all of you folks…from another one of you folks.


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