At Monday night’s Miami Springs City Council Meeting, the City of Miami Springs City Council Meeting took up a resolution to rescind and repeal an earlier resolution that had “Urged The Miami-Dade County Transportation Planning Organization To Confirm And Accelerate The Allocation Of Funding For The Miami Springs Okeechobee Station Smart Trail Connector” also known as the Metrorail Pedestrian Bridge.

In the previous meeting, Jacky Bravo had made a motion to cancel the project.  However, legally, a new resolution needed to be passed at the next meeting that would rescind the original resolution that had approved the project.

Once again, Jacky Bravo made a motion approving the new resolution to rescind the project.  Walter Fajet seconded the motion.

Jacky Bravo
Miami Springs City Councilwoman Jacky Bravo

Mayor Mitchell expressed how important it was to hear from the community.  She expressed that the community has a right to decide what is best.  She reiterated that the majority of residents had spoken against the project.

Maria Mitchell
Miami Springs Mayor Maria Mitchell

Once Mayor Mitchell asked for the vote, the entire council voted unanimously in favor of rescinding the project, effectively permanently cancelling the project.

Pedestrian Bridge Project Canceled

We want to thank the entire City Council for giving the residents an opportunity to express themselves and for listening to the will of the people to cancel the project.  Residents have dealt with prior City Councils that were less inclined to listen to the people (ahem Downtown Project – ahem Tiny Pool).  This Mayor and Council should be acknowledge and thanked for their willingness to listen to the concerns from the residents, AND more importantly, take the corrective course of action.

Well done City Council. Well done!


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