Pickleball is called the fastest growing game in America.  And some are asking the City of Miami Springs to consider adding dedicated pickleball courts to Miami Springs.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is described as a cross between ping pong and tennis.  It’s uses a solid paddle (similar to ping pong) with two or four players that hit a plastic wiffle type ball over a net.  Watch the video below to learn a little more.


Should Miami Springs Add Pickleball Courts?

Miami Springs is a country club community.  That means we have amenities that exceed most communities.  We have a wonderful golf course.  We have excellent bike paths.  We have soccer fields and baseball fields.  We have tennis courts.  We have indoor basketball courts at the Rec Center.  Adding outdoor Pickleball Courts will only add to the enjoyment of our community.

The question is where?

The City of Miami Springs owns land on North Royal Poinciana and Albatross.  This might be a great spot for this sport.

What do you think?

Should Miami Springs add Pickleball Courts?  And if so, where?  Let us know in the comments section or via social media.


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