Our local area now has 242 cases of the Coronavirus confirmed within our zip code 33166.  Miami Springs represents about 55% of the population within our zip code.  There is no reliable count within our municipality, but we do know that 104 residents at Fair Havens contracted the virus.  If those were the only cases in Miami Springs, it would represent 43% of the cases within our zip code.  Of course, we know there are more cases in Miami Springs than just those at Fair Havens.  If Miami Springs were to have an equal share of Coronavirus cases as our share of population, we would have somewhere in the neighborhood of 133 cases within our city.  We may have more cases.  We may have less cases.  Regardless, as we slowly continue to open up, we need to continue to wash our hands for 20 seconds, we need to continue to practice social distancing and keeping 6′ apart, and we must wear a mask in public.  Even as restaurants begin to open, you must wear a mask at the restaurant except once you’re sitting at a table.  Furthermore, as the Fair Havens situation reminds us, it’s most important to protect the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.

As we open up the economy on Monday, it’s important to see the graphs below which have shown a reduction in new cases and a reduction in residents heading to the ED (Emergency Department) at our local hospitals.  No country with a significant population has stopped the Coronavirus.  We can’t speak for New York, but at least in Florida we can be proud that we have not overwhelmed our hospitals.  In fact, unfortunately, hospitals are losing money with such few people going to the hospital for “normal” cases.  In order to keep these trends low and to keep the economy open, it will be important that we continue safe practices to reduce the spread of the virus and continue to keep our hospitals safe.


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