Kevin Marino Cabrera secured 42% of the votes from District 6 or 10,388 votes.  Coral Gables Commissioner, Jorge Fors, came in second with 6,321 votes or 26%.  Miami Springs Councilman, Victor Vazquez, received 4,205 votes or 18% with Dariel Fernandez pulling in 3,114 votes for 13%.

Since no candidate received over 50% of the votes, the top two candidates, Kevin Cabrera, and Jorge Fors, will go head to head in the run-off election in November.

Run-Off - Kevin Cabrera and Jorge Fors
Run-Off – Kevin Cabrera and Jorge Fors

This election will decide who will take over Rebeca Sosa’s seat and represent Miami Springs, Virginia Gardens, parts of Hialeah, parts of Miami, and parts of Coral Gables at the County Level.

The campaign got really ugly with some extremely negative ad campaigns not normally seen at this level of politics.  We hope the two remaining candidates will move forward with a positive campaign, but we suspect it’ll actually get uglier as we get closer to November.

In the spirit of keeping things positive, here are a couple of interviews we did with Kevin Marino Cabrera and Coral Gables Commissioner, Jorge Fors:

Kevin Marino Cabrera

Coral Gables Commissioner, Jorge Fors





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