Overall Criminal Incidents

There were 50 reported criminal incidents during the month of September in Miami Springs matching the number of incidents in August, but up 14% compared to July.

Assault Incidents

There were 4 reported incidents of Assault during the month of September or down 20% compared to August.  However, there were 3 incidents of Aggravated Assault and Battery during September or up three fold compared to August.  More importantly, one of the incidents involved a shooting of an occupied vehicle that occurred on September 20th along the 1100 Block of South Royal Poinciana Boulevard by the Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn Miami Springs

Breaking and Entering

There were 4 reported incidents of Breaking and Entering (Burglary) in September compared to 6 in August or down 33%.  Three of the incidents happened within the 600 blocks of Mokena and Minola Drives near NW 36th Street.  One of the incidents involved a warrant / felony arrest along the 600 block of East Drive.


There was only one narcotics violations during the month of September compared to two incidents in the month of August.


There were 14 incidents of theft in September compared to 13 in August.  There were 2 incidents of theft of an automotive accessory in September compared to 5 in August.  New this month were 4 incidents of theft in the form of curtilage burglary during the month of September. (Curtilage: an area of land attached to a house and forming one enclosure with it.) There were 3 incidents of theft from building, 4 incidents of “theft other”, and one incident of theft, burglary non-residential.

Vehicle Break-Ins

Vehicular burglary remains the #1 form of reported crime in Miami Springs representing 42% of all reported incidents last month.  The 21 vehicular burglaries in September represents a 24% increase compared to August.  Out of the 21 vehicle break-ins, 10 were along NW 36th street and another 3 were along LeJeune Road.

Stolen Vehicles

There were 5 reported incidents of a stolen vehicle in September matching the same number in August.  Two vehicles were stolen along South Royal Poinciana Boulevard.  Two vehicles were stolen in the 5300 block of of NW 36th Street.  One vehicle was stolen along Fairway Drive.

Crime Summary:

Crime Detail:

SOURCE:  All crime stats sourced from publicly available data posted on CrimeReports.com.


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