There was a mid-day shooting at the Miami Springs Holiday Inn located on South Royal Poinciana Blvd.  The shooting occurred on September 20, 2018 at approximately 12:15pm. Holiday Inn Miami Springs

According to the Miami Springs Police Arrest Affidavit, Alberto (Menol) Enrique Baez-Acevedo, 27, was charged with Tampering with Evidence, Exhibiting a Gun, Discharging a Firearm in Public, and Disorderly Conduct.

According to the narrative on the affidavit produced by Miami Springs Police Officer J. Hall, “the defendant was standing in the lobby of the…Holiday Inn Hotel.  The defendant produced a chrome semi-automatic handgun from his waistband, chambered a round and exited the front doors of the hotel while pointing the firearm at a black, 2015 Maserati which was occupied by at least 2 occupants (parked at front entrance).  The defendant then aimed and fired between 3 to 5 rounds into the front passenger side bumper, headlight and tire/wheel.  The defendant also recklessly waived the firearm around and pointed it at the occupants of the vehicle. 

The driver and front seat passenger of the Maserati then exit the hotel driveway, northbound onto NW 42 avenue. 

The defendant next began to pick up the expelled shell casings and put them in his back left pocket, removing them from the scene.  The defendant went back inside the hotel and placed the firearm inside a black backpack he was wearing. 

During the course of the incident, numerous hotel employees were present in the surrounding area, as well as two people that appeared to know the defendant. 

The defendant exited the front of the hotel and began walking north bound through the parking lot of the hotel, as police arrived on scene.  A search for the defendant was met with negative results at that time. 

The above stated facts were captured on CCTV video surveillance from the Holiday Inn.  Witness Rivas and witness Hernandez both completed sworn statements detailing their account of the incident.  This detective positively identified the defendant from the CCTV footage and his Florida Driver’s License photograph, after learning he had been a guest of the hotel (Room #519).  I located one spent 9mm shell casing on the ground in front of the entrance to the hotel, which was impounded as evidence. 

Contact was made with the driver of the black Maserati, who refused to cooperate with law enforcement at this time.  The other occupant of the vehicle is unknown.  On September 22, 2018, I located above mentioned vehicle in Hollywood, Florida.  The vehicle had gunshot holes to the front passenger side headlight, front passenger side bumper and front passenger side wheel and tire.  The gunshot holes were consistent with the area of the vehicle the defendant appeared to be shooting at in the CCTV footage. 

On September 26, 2018 the defendant surrendered.”

Below you’ll find the complete 11 page police report from the Miami Springs Police Department:



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