UPDATE 8:50 AM 06/18/18:  Miami Springs Police confirm the shooting is now classified as fatal after the shooting victim passed away from the injuries.  Miami-Dade Police is now taking over the investigation. 

What Happened:  According to Miami Springs Police, a shooting occurred outside the Miami Springs IHOP located at South Drive and 36 Street at 3:51 AM on Monday, June 18, 2018.

Who was involved:  According to Miami Springs Police, there are 2 people involved so far. 1 – A shooting victim. The victim was transported to Jackson Memorial and shown on local news reports as a black male. UPDATE:  The victim passed away after succumbing to the shooting injuries.   2 – The shooter is at large. At this point the shooting suspect is on the loose and has not yet been identified by police.

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Traffic:  Traffic was shut down west bound on NW 36 street and was being diverted north at East Drive.  Traffic was backed up past Le Jeune road this morning.

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