The proposed annexation of the area west of Miami Springs, commonly referred to as the Milam Dairy tract, has been a project that dates back about 20 years.  At Monday’s Miami Springs City Council Meeting, Jose Fuentes, a lobbyist hired by the City of Miami Springs, gave a presentation updating the City Council on the status of the annexation with Miami-Dade County.

According to Fuentes, the City has strong support to move forward with Annexation from Commissioners Rebeca Sosa and Jose “Pepe” Diaz.  Fuentes believes the Annexation process may finally be approved by the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners in June of 2022.

We are hopeful Fuentes’ evaluation is accurate, but won’t celebrate until it becomes official.

What is annexation?

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When the City of Doral was incorporated in 2003, it created an unincorporated Miami-Dade enclave.  The County wanted to rid itself of servicing these small, unattached enclaves, and wanted municipalities to take over these enclaves.  As a result, the City of Miami Springs, the City of Doral, the Village of Virginia Gardens and the Town of Medley came to a “Four City Agreement” where each municipality would take over portions of the unincorporated enclave.

For the City of Miami Springs, it means annexing the area immediately to our west up to the Palmetto Expressway.  it also means the City of Miami Springs would get a dramatic boost in tax receipts.

In November, 2018, the residents of Miami Springs voted in favor of annexation:

FINAL RESULTS: 5,444 Votes Cast
YES: 3,335 Votes  61.26%
NO: 2,109 Votes 38.74%

Miami Springs Annexation Proposal

One of the benefits of annexation includes better control over the future usages of the area to our west.  That includes better control over the enforcement of entertainment venues that have in the past created a late night / early morning noise nuisance not dissimilar from what we experienced with Factory Town in Hialeah.  If this area becomes part of Miami Springs, our Police Department and our city officials would have better ability to abate the noise or shut them down completely.

Miami Springs Annexation History

December 2009:

Miami-Dade Still Open to Annexation

September 2010:

County Rejects Annexation

October 2013:

County Kills Annexation

October 2017:

City of Miami Springs Sued over Annexation

September 2018:  Annexation is placed on ballot

Miami Springs Annexation Vote November 6, 2018

October 2018:  Discussion over annexation / Pros and Cons

Should Miami Springs Annex the 72 Ave Corridor?

Miami Springs Annexation Pros and Cons

Video Drive Through of the Annexation Area

November 2018:  Referendum Passes by 61% Vote

November 6 Election – Miami Springs Sample Ballot












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