The City of Miami Springs issued the following statement about the deep bass rumbling emanating from Hialeah. As you can see, they are powerless to stop the music that will once again blast tonight till 5am:

“Last night again our city experienced an unacceptable level of noise coming from the Factory Town at 4800 NW 37th Ave in Hialeah. The City of Hialeah issued a permit for this outdoor concert without restrictions on complying with any type of noise ordinance. Mayor Mitchell, Councilmembers, and the City Manager have been in contact with Mayor Bovo’s office, and Commissioner Rebeca Sosa’s office, in order to get their assistance on what can be done to stop this. The City is also working with our City Attorney to explore legal remedies. Residents are encouraged to contact Commissioner Sosa’s office to express their concerns. We will provide additional information as we continue to fight this at all levels.”

As we reported last night, the Outdoor Concert Venue is scheduled to once again blast music till 5am Monday morning.  That’s the time many folks are waking up to start their week.  (Read more about the issue in the article below)

Outdoor Hialeah Concerts till 5am: Sleepless Nights in Miami Springs

As we stated last night, if the pounding bass won’t let you sleep, let our neighbors at the City of Hialeah Police Department know how you feel.  Call them at 305.687.2525.  They are not empowered to put a stop to this, but if you can’t sleep, they should become intimately familiar with your concern.

CALL HIALEAH POLICE:  305.687.2525

City of Hialeah

Now on Monday, after the permit ends, you can talk to lots of folks who can’t stop it from happening as it’ll be already over.  But, we need to ensure the City of Hialeah doesn’t move forward and allow similar events like this in the future.

To put this into perspective, the open air concert is blasting music at a volume equivalent to the Ultra Music Festival.  However, at least the Ultra Music Festival has the good sense of shutting down at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.  Heck, Ultra shuts down by 11pm on Sundays.  This Hialeah concert is going to blast music tonight till 5am Monday morning.  That’s insane.


  1. Call the Hialeah Police at 305.687.2525.  They won’t be able to do anything, but if you can’t sleep, they should be aware of the problem they are causing.
  2. Contact Miami Springs City Manager, William Alonso: or call 305.805.5011.
  3. Call the City of Hialeah Mayor’s Office:  305.883.5800
  4. Email the City of Hialeah Mayor at:
  5. Attend the next City City of Hialeah Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 7pm at 501 Palm Avenue and let them know about your sleepless night.



  1. Try filing a complaint with The Miami-Dade County Ethics Commission, (786)314-9560. Pretty bizarre to approve a permit that disrupts the peace, tranquility, and wellbeing of neighbors, citizens, and voters. I’ve heard that the promoters are well connected, but that does not mean they are above the law and local noise ordinances.


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