Last Saturday, instead of sleeping in or going to the beach, these four Springview Students were competing in the Countywide Math Bowl.  Led by their Math Teacher, Ms. Prieto, who also volunteered her Saturday, the students were able to use their advanced math skills to compete for the top Elementary Math Team and the top Countywide Math Students.

2023 Miami-Dade County Public Schools Math Bowl
Springview Elementary Math Team (Ms. Prieto, Logan Aucoin, Christopher Pineda, Wyatt Marlowe, and Sebastian Suarez)

The competition was held at the Leewood K-8 Center in South Miami-Dade.  Hundreds of the county’s best math students participated for the Elementary level and the Middle School level.

2023 Miami-Dade County Public Schools Math Bowl
2023 Miami-Dade County Public Schools Math Bowl

Unfortunately, the County doesn’t post the results by school or by student.  They only award the top three teams and the top three students.  Nevertheless, we are proud of these young students and the effort they’ve made to make math a priority in learning.

Springview Elementary Math Team (Christopher Pineda, Wyatt Marlowe, Sebastian Suarez, and Logan Aucoin)

In a world where the young generation is constantly being bashed for being glued to their phones, these students prove the future in tech, engineering, physics, economics, banking, and biomedical looks great.

Great job!

Special thanks again to Ms. Prieto who volunteered her time to help these students outside the classroom.  Teachers like these make such a huge difference in the lives of young students.  Thank you!



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