We’d like to pause today and take a moment to thank our first responders.  All the Police, Firefighters, and especially the men and women who are working at our hospitals and healthcare facilities. They are literally in the front lines of this war against COVID-19.

Miami Springs Police

We talk about social distancing with the Coronavirus, but police officers still need to make arrests.  They still need to pull people over for driving recklessly.  Our officers are the first to respond when a 911 call goes out.  And while our officers are doing their best with masks and gloves, they can’t follow social distancing in all cases.  They do need to get close to some people.  As you might imagine, some of the people who get arrested, could care less about the health of our officers and will spit and cough all over the police.  So, we want to thank, not only the police officers of Miami Springs, but all the police officers in South Florida.

Then you have the men and women of Fire Rescue.  When someone with flu symptoms can’t make it to the hospital on their own, who do you think is showing up?  The men and women from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, City of Miami Fire Rescue, City of Hialeah Fire Rescue, City of Coral Gables Fire Rescue, etc.  They have to deal with people they know are likely suffering from the Coronavirus.  They go into the home to rescue these people and take them to the hospitals.  As you can see by the increase in Coronavirus cases, the number of times Fire-Rescue has to go through this is also going up. Again, Fire Rescue can’t social distance from a Coronavirus patient.  They have to get hands on.  They need to touch you to get your vitals.  And they have to carry people to put them on a stretcher.  And they are doing all this while trying to ensure the patients’ health and the protection of their colleagues, while also trying to ensure they don’t come home and infect their loved ones.  So to all the men and women in Fire Rescue, Thank You!

Of course, we have all the men and women who work at our hospitals.  Talk about living in stress.  Every hospital either has multiple patients they are caring for with Coronavirus or will have patients coming in through their doors.  In a hospital, you have the men and women who are treating patients and saving lives.  These people are true angels doing the Lord’s work and answering the prayers from their families.  They are also the ones who have to inform the family members they could not pull out a miracle and save the life of a loved one.  To all the men and women working in our hospitals, we want to say Thank You and God Bless You!  These people are literally risking their lives every day they go to work, but they return because they are brave and overcome their fears to be the daily angels among us.  Thank you!

To all my friends and neighbors.

Thank you for practicing social distancing.  Thank you for wearing masks in public.  Thank you for doing your part.

But I want to remind everyone that we are Americans.  Our freedom to think, our freedom to speak, our freedom to innovate will ultimately lead to the solutions to this virus that will return us to our normal way of life.  Maybe even a better way of life.  Do not fear.  The economy will rebound.  Jobs will come back.  And soon, we’ll be able to hug our loved ones we have not seen in some time.

God bless you all.  We love you!  And please thank your first responders and pray for the safety of all.



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