CIMA Medical Center in Miami Springs shares some information about The Advantages of PRP Treatment for Pain.

  • PRP therapy uses your own blood.
    Because we use your blood for PRP therapy, there is a very low risk of side effects from the treatment. PRP therapy is an alternative pain management treatment that can relieve pain without complications.
  • PRP therapy supports the healing process.
    Platelets are tiny blood cells that play an important role in the body’s repair process.
  • PRP platelets stimulate the healing process in non-healing tissue, increasing cell activity and the generation of new cells and tissues.
  • PRP therapy reduces inflammation.
    When we inject the PRP into the damaged part of your body, improvements in inflammation may be experienced over time as the damage heals.
  •  PRP is a natural approach to pain relief.
    By reducing inflammation and supporting the healing process, PRP naturally reduces pain. And by prompting healing at the source of your pain, you can have long-term relief from your discomfort.
  • PRP treatment is fast.Are you looking for a more natural solution to your pain? You may want to consider ? PRP Therapy?

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