Many things can go wrong when you go fishing. If it’s the sudden rain or the fact that your morning alarm didn’t go off, it’s easy to miss the perfect moment to get the catch you want. Other times it’s just not your lucky day. After a full day of waiting patiently in your boat, going home empty-handed is unfortunate. 

What makes a good fisherman great? Some people say it is the experience that makes the difference. Others will swear by the Iguana Chum bait they use. However, you will have to look up the weather and go to sleep early, practice tying knots, and, most importantly, enjoy the nature around you. 

One thing that is vital for your fishing trip is the bait you choose. Depending on what type of fish you want to catch, you will have to find the ideal lure for your prey. From the kind of bait to the color and size, your success will be determined by how well you choose your bait.

Know Your Catch

The first step in choosing your bait is considering what species you want to catch. Freshwater fish will respond better to artificial bait. In contrast, you might want to increase your chances by using live bait for saltwater fish. Weather is also significant to take into consideration. To enjoy the perfect time to go fishing, you should avoid the midday sun, as it makes the water’s surface hotter.  

Adjusting your bait accordingly to the season is good practice. A darker bait is recommended if there is a cloudy day, but if the skies are clear, a lighter bait will do the trick. If the water is cold, you might want to go for slower-moving bait such as shaky heads (which work very well when trying to catch bass). During the spring season, a faster-moving bait will match the aggressive behavior of the fish, increasing your chances of getting a big catch. 

Types of Live Bait

Although you might feel overwhelmed seeing the variety of live worms, leeches, insects, minnows, and chum you can choose from, a few tips will help you narrow it down. Worms are used when fishing for more common and smaller species like Bass or Panfish. Minnows are great for catching bigger fish, although it is more difficult to handle. To prevent any misfortunes, learn how to do fishing knots before your actual trip. 

You will have to change strategies if you prefer Big-Game fishing, also known as blue-water fishing. When the target is large fish, fish chum is the most common type of bait. Made of chunks of fish meat, bone, and blood, chum’s purpose is to attract predatory fish such as sharks, tunas, and billfishes. 

Get Fresh Chum

The practice of chumming is effectively used when fishing in the open oceans. An increasing number of Iguanas in some local areas made it possible to create an innovative type of chum, which is especially appealing to fish. Using Iguana Chum in chum bags will enable you to catch those elusive fish species you desire. 

It will attract kingfish, groupers, snappers, and many more. The chum’s scent will cause a feeding frenzy, giving you the perfect opportunity to catch the best of the best. Premium iguana chum will significantly increase your chances of bringing home the biggest catch.


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