Employees from the Miami Springs Starbucks along with members of the Young Democratic Socialist Association from FIU and others were outside the Miami Springs Starbucks today protesting in favor of a Starbucks union.  The protest was held from 11am to 3:30pm.

Some of the messaging that was being displayed included “Unions for all” and “Unions kickin’ ass for the working class.”

There was chanting of pro union messaging.

There was messaging asking Starbucks to “let your workers unionize.”

And of course, there was a sign asking for “Fair Wages.”

Regarding “Fair Wages” nobody is forcing you to work at Starbucks.  A fair wage is when they offer you a job for XX dollars and you agree to take the job and then perform the job.  The employer does their part and pays you at the rate you agreed upon.  If you want more money, you can ask for a raise or seek another opportunity that pays more.

We don’t live in the boonies.  Miami is a hot job market with many job opportunities for those willing to take on the work and get the job done.

Miami Springs Jobs

You don’t have to look far to find some job opportunities.  We found the following jobs in Miami Springs with a quick Google search:  City of Miami Springs is hiring a Police Dispatcher Trainee.  It pays $38,620 – $57,929 a year.  The Embassy Suites Miami Airport is hiring a Houseperson.  KPMG is hiring an HR Business Advisor.

Hialeah Jobs

We looked at Hialeah and see that the Hialeah Flanigan’s is hiring a Bartender.  Chipotle is hiring a Restaurant Team Member.  The Regions bank is hiring a Financial Relationship Specialist.  OneBlood is paying $16 / hour for a Courier.  Literally the first few jobs from a Google Search with hundreds more available.

Bottom line, we are blessed right now with a low unemployment rate environment. Ultimately, employers pay more when they struggle hiring or they struggle retaining quality employees.  My advice, if you want more money, shop around.   Lots of folks are hiring and struggling to find good talent.  If you have great skills, it’s a great time to shop around.

If you want to protest for higher wages and think that’s the best path for your career, go for it.  It’s a free country.  However, if you want to actually make more money, I suggest shopping around.  Furthermore, if you find you don’t qualify for higher paying jobs, I suggest you look at what type of skillset or education you need to acquire to get those higher paying jobs and do the work required to gain that skillset.  There’s a reason some jobs pay more than others.

Political Messaging

Again.  It’s a free country and we support everyone’s right to protest.  Whether we agree or disagree, we will always defend your right to protest peacefully.

That said, it was clear that the union also had some political messaging.  There were signs with the “Build Back Better” messaging from President Joe Biden.  Of course the Build Back Better Bill died in Congress, but Biden and Democrats are continuing to push the messaging seen below at this protest:

Furthermore, the Young Democratic Socialist Association (YDSA) of FIU was one of the big supporters of the Starbucks Unionization Protest.


Not surprisingly, we found the FIU Young Democratic Socialist Association discussing, “What it means to be socialists in a place like Miami…”  They’ll be watching “Che: Part one” this Friday to discuss the Cuban Revolution and its legacy.

Thank You Protesters

We’d like to thank the protesters who came to Miami Springs today.  They expressed their 1st amendment rights peacefully.  They weren’t vandalizing the Starbucks.  They weren’t blocking the roadway into Miami Springs.  They were peacefully exercising their right to protest.

Whether you agree with the protesters or not, there’s something beautiful about like minded individuals having the right to gather and speak their mind and protest.  It’s a uniquely American trait we must protect at all cost.  Even if it protects those we don’t necessarily agree with.

We all know too well that the people of Cuba cannot protest.  Recently, brave Russians protested the war in Ukraine in Moscow!  Of course, they were quickly rounded up and removed.  In other words, you can’t freely protest in other countries.  So it is something we must cherish and protect here in the United States.

Again, to everyone who came out to protest.   Thank you for doing it the right way.  Peacefully.  Calmly.  Correctly.  The American way.

God bless you all.


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More photos of the protest outside the Miami Springs Starbucks:

Miami Springs Starbucks to Unionize?



  1. I would venture to say that very few, if any, of those Hell raisers actually live in Miami Springs.
    YDSA, ANTIFA, BLM; these are the real Fascists that want to restrict speech that does not promote their ideology. It is no surprise that such an organization exists in FIU, after all, there was a husband-and-wife FIU professors arrested and convicted of being spies/agents for the Cuban government a few years back; apparently, they didn’t get them all.
    Those of us that were around then remember that the union president Lorenzo was responsible for putting Eastern Airlines out of business and the loss of all of those jobs in Miami Springs.
    Go to Dunking Doughnuts, better coffee and cheaper.]
    What the Hell is a Barista anyhow?


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