The number of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has increased by a whopping 45% in the last 7 days or nearly 44,000 new cases.  Hospitalizations increased last week by 9% or 1,207 cases.  There were 258 new fatalities in Florida last week or an 8% increase.


The number of new cases confirmed in Miami-Dade County has increased from nearly 26,000 last week to nearly 34,000 last week.  That’s a 31% increase over the last 7 days.  Hospitalizations increased by 6% in Miami-Dade County last week with 230 new hospitalizations.  The good news here is that the new hospitalizations have been steady in Miami-Dade County.  Fatalities are never good, but the number of new fatalities in Miami-Dade County has been stable between 57 – 69 deaths each week over the last 5 weeks.


The number of new cases confirmed locally in our zip code has increased by 16% from 378 last week to 437 this week.  Again, Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within our zip code.  We can only estimate, as there is no qualified number for the City of Miami Springs.  Our estimate would be somewhere near 240 cases within Miami Springs.  That would include 134 residents at Fair Havens.


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