In case you didn’t realize it, Hurricane season started Monday.  And we already have the 3rd named storm of the season.  Tropical Storm Cristobal is expected to meander near the Yucatan peninsula before heading north towards the United States by late weekend.

On a lighter note, the hurricane tax holiday ends Thursday, June 4th.  The items included in the sales tax holiday are as follows:

  • $750 or less
    • Portable generators
  • $50 or less
    • Bungee cords
    • Ratchet straps
    • Tie-Down Kits
    • Ground Anchor Systems
    • Radios:  Two-way and Weather Band (powered by battery, solar, or handcrank)
    • Tarps & plastic sheeting
  • $30 or less
    • Coolers & Ice Chests for food storage
    • Batteries:  AAAA – AA – C – D – 6v – 9v
  • $25 or less
    • Gas containers
  • $20 or less
    • Candles
    • Flashlights
    • Lanterns
  • $10 or less
    • Re-usable ice packs




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